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Sometimes spondylitis develops, which significantly worsens the condition of patients due to intense pain and limitation in movement. Joints are often subject to destruction and deformation.

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It proceeds in waves, with the manifestation of symptoms of multiple organ lesions. Often develop inflammation of the joints (arthritis) and surrounding tissues, connective tissue pathology (fibrosis, cellulitis) in the lumbar region and sacrum, elbow joints

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Often in patients with brucellosis neuritis (including inflammation of the optic and auditory nerve) and radiculitis, inflammation of the nerve plexus, paresthesia. The long course of the disease contributes to the development of Slot Games neurosis. Chronic brucellosis is also characterized by allergic inflammation of the gonads and fertility disorders (infertility in women, impotence in men). The duration of the disease can be 2-3 years and increase with re-infection.

Real money casino - delayed consequences of infection - is associated with the formation of pathological reactivity. Due to the restructuring of the immunological structure of the body, specific reactions of the body are possible - subfebrile body temperature, psychological deviations, pathologies of joints, connective tissue formations.

  • Often such consequences of brucellosis are an indication for surgical correction.
  • The long course of the disease contributes to the formation of persistent functional disorders of online slots structures due to the irreversible destruction of the articular tissues and ligamentous apparatus (ankylosis and spondylosis, contractures, muscle atrophy).
  • In addition, brucellosis can leave behind serious degenerative changes in fibrous tissue, especially significant in the area of ​​sports gambling trunks and plexuses - there is a high probability of developing contractures, the occurrence of neurological symptoms (paresis, neuropathy).

Bacteriological diagnostics is carried out in specialized laboratories equipped to work with pathogens of online gambling casinos dangerous infections. Brucella is isolated from blood, cerebrospinal fluid, punctates of lymph nodes, producing bakposev of biological material on nutrient media. Due to the significant labor costs, the isolation of the pathogen is rarely performed for diagnostic purposes; it is sufficient to confirm the diagnosis by determining antigens for Brucella in the patient's blood and serological tests.

Antigens are detected using ELISA, RKA, RLA and RAGA. The blood serum is usually tested, but antigens can also be detected in the cerebrospinal fluid.

A positive result in at least 3-4 different serological tests is considered sufficient for diagnosis. Starting from the 20-25th day of illness and for a long period (several years) after recovery, a positive reaction to the Burne skin test (subcutaneous injection of brucellin) is noted.

Outpatient treatment is indicated for mild infections. In case of a severe course and the threat of complications, hospitalization is performed. For the period of fever, patients are shown bed rest. Etiotropic therapy involves the appointment of antibiotics of various groups, one of the drugs must necessarily have the ability to penetrate the cell wall. Effective use of the following antibiotic pairs: rifampicin with doxycycline or ofloxacin, doxycycline with streptomycin. In the event of a relapse, a second course of antibiotic therapy is prescribed.

OCT 22, 2022

In addition to basic therapy, pathogenetic and symptomatic agents are prescribed:
Previously, a therapeutic vaccine was used in the complex therapy of brucellosis, but this practice is now being abandoned due to pronounced immune suppression and the ability of the vaccine to provoke autoimmune processes.
  • During remissions, patients are recommended spa treatment, physiotherapy (UHF, quartz, radon baths, etc.) and exercise therapy.
  • Usually brucellosis does not cause death of patients, the prognosis is usually favorable.
  • In cases of a long course and the development of persistent destructive defects of casino apparatus, disability may be limited.
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OCT 12, 2022

The set of preventive measures aimed at reducing the incidence of brucellosis in humans includes veterinary monitoring of the health of farm animals, as well as sanitary and hygienic regulation of the conditions for production, storage and transportation of food products, annual preventive examinations of agricultural workers.